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  1. What Concilium is

Concilium is a journal of Catholic and Ecumenical theological reflection.  Founded in the wake of the Second Vatican Council, it seeks to reinterpret and re-apply its vision of openness to new cultural contexts, and to changing social and religious realities. Led by the Spirit, the journal embraces multiple expressions of faith and spirituality arising from cultural plurality as a mark of its catholicity.

  1. The aim of the journal

The aim of Concilium is to contribute to the transformation of the world and the Church in light of the Gospel. The journal is particularly committed to challenging structures of oppression and discrimination, and to doing theology from the perspective of the victims of social, economic and ecological inequality. It thus supports a new ecclesial imagination beyond patriarchy, clericalism, racism, anthropocentrism, monocultural hegemony, and the exploitation of the earth’s resources.

  1. The way we do theology

The mission of Concilium is reflected in the conciliar way of doing theology that we adopt as a community of theologians from various contexts.  Inspired by the vision of the journal’s founders, we provide a meeting place for a global conversation inviting diverse perspectives on important theological issues. Theologizing from the perspective of the margins and of ecological care are central commitments of Concilium. Thus, the journal Concilium and its conferences seek to draw attention to the voices and the theological questions and concerns of local and regional communities in a spirit of listening. Our meetings and structures aim to represent collegiality, shared leadership, mutuality, and transparency of decision making. As editors, we are committed to fair and sustainable relationships among ourselves and with our publishers, readers and authors.

  1. Academic standards and digital presence

Concilium’s journal issues strive to maintain academic standards. We remain connected to and draw deeply from the experiences and wisdom of marginalized communities. In order to further our mission, we seek to expand beyond traditional print media and develop a robust digital presence to improve access and participation.

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