Transforming the Church – A “Concilium – International Journal of Theology” Online Issue – 2020/2022 – 1

Transforming the Church

Edited by Stan Llu Cho, Gianluca Montaldi

A New Concilium Proposal

Why an Online Conversation?

Ways of Proceeding


Thinking about the transformation of the Church to enable it to respond ever better to its mission is an activity that is born with its constitution. At the end of the last Council, Karl Rahner saw it as both a duty and an opportunity. The present times are those of a profound cultural crisis in the world where it is a question of learning to identify the upheavals taking place in technology, economics and society, the calls for new structures of authority and participation in decision-making, population movements linked to globalisation, the distribution of resources and the environment, etc. The Church’s mission is to be able to respond to these changes in a way that will enable it to respond ever better to its mission. The Church itself cannot be content to perpetuate itself as a rigid, fixed system. She must constantly find in the One who founded her and in conversation with the worlds she must encounter the means to renew herself in order to correspond to her task of being a universal sacrament of salvation.

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