Why online conversations?

With the process that led to the drafting of the programmatic document “Mission and vision 2021“, the Board of Concilium also wanted to commit itself to a better digital presence to accompany the traditional publication of the journal.

In some ways, this mode offered by technology allows us to overcome some of the barriers that prevent many from engaging with our proposal. A more immediate contact with our readers is what we expect to happen.

Furthermore, we hope to be able to reach countries and readers where our magazine cannot be materially present, for economic reasons or those related to the publishing market.

Given that planning for each issue of the journal begins three years prior to its publication, we also think that this new mode may allow for interventions that are more related to more immediate issues.


How to collaborate?

We are still in our infancy and at this time have not established a format for this section. As you can already read the interventions can be different from each other. It depends on the sensitivity of the author and the type of essay you want to propose.

The first form of collaboration is the interaction with the articles that we will make available. They are original articles, published in their original language, or at least in the language chosen by the author. By responding and commenting on them, sharing them and disseminating them, you help us to better reflect on our ideas.

Each of you can also offer their own reflection, following our directions. Your suggestions will all be considered and evaluated by someone on the board.


This is, in effect, a work in progress. We do not know if it will be successful or if it will have a deadline. But we are convinced that it can be a good way to have a clearer confrontation with you and with the world. We are therefore waiting for your suggestions.